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17/02/2009, 4:44 pm
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As an in-house designer for a well-diversified construction company, I am afforded the opportunity to essentially divide my time among four different clients (our four companies). Each, of course, having a (sometimes marginally, sometimes wholly) different audience and thus  having different marketing needs.

Recently, I’ve done quite a bit of work for our real estate division, which often means producing mailers or postcards to target potential tenants. As is the case with any client, budget is always a concern. As a department, we in marketing often toe the line between in-house production and sending any particular piece to our printer, with quantity and cost almost always operating as the deciding factors.

Generally, postcards go to the printer because you can get a high-quality digital print run of postcards done at a very reasonable rate (often even at small quantities). However, short-run, market-specific mailers and brochures usually fall in the in-house production category, for which I rely on two great resources.

  1. Kinko’s – obviously, and for numerous reasons. (And yeah I know it’s “FedEx Office” now, but I’m a colloquialist.)
  2. – Ridiculously large selection of envelopes available in an enormous variety of colors, textures, folds and sizes. (How about a kiwi colored translucent mini open end 2.25″  x 3.75″?) All of their envelopes are available in minimum quantity of 100 and fall in the range of about $10 – $20 per hundred, with price breaks starting at orders of 4 packs or more. The turn around time is super quick as well. They offer printing services too, up to 2 PMS colors per side and minimum quantity of 500, which I have yet to utilize, but that’s yet another feature that’s good to know they have.

So check out This is a great resource for the production end of mailers because they offer near limitless style, color and size options at an affordable rate with the potential for printing and a great turnaround time.


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Wow, that site could even come in handy for me. I had the hardest time finding envelopes for the cupcake cards I’ve been making for Dozen. Thanks for the resource!!

Comment by Addi

Yeah, it’s really great. Especially the translucent envelopes – they really open up your design options.

Comment by schweitz

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