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866House Industries is a type foundry and design studio based in Delaware that produces consistently tremendous quality work. Everything from their fonts to their book layouts, to their pieces of merchandise is just visually stunning. I highly, highly reccomend adding House Industries Show and Tell to your blogroll. They literally never dissapoint.




Trust Me
17/03/2009, 2:19 pm
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“The foundation of brand is TRUST. Customers trust your brand when their experiences consistently meet or beat their expectations.”

~Marty Neumeier The Brand Gap

logoOver the course of the last couple months I’ve been working on creating a brand for a small catering and baking business. Thus far I’ve designed a logo and a business card with a menu in the works and a website further down the pipeline. The client is one of my colleague’s mothers. My colleague, a salesman in our company, has been really making the push for her to gear up her marketing efforts and branding, with the goal being taking her business to “the next level” from word of mouth recognition and success to further professionalism and bigger gigs.

A lot of my freelance work has been small (one-person owned and operated), predominantly women-owned businesses. This work is gratifying insomuch as I feel I am really able to help individuals ultimately pursue their dreams. (Making the jump from part-time to full-time in some cases or just broadening their clientele in this case.)

It’s also extremely gratifying to be able to work with a client who understands branding and marketing. I have been dealing about 60% with my colleague and 40% with his mother as we work towards a recognizable brand. With a background in sales, my colleague “gets’ what branding is all about and is helping move his mother’s business forward.

At any rate, yesterday, he and I were discussing moving forward with the menu. We’re at the stage where the design has been accepted and I need to make a few minor tweaks to the content and hash out the printing. As I discussed with him the changes I was going to be making he replied with, “That’s great. Go ahead, I trust you.” Trust from your customers is probably the strongest weapon in any company’s arsenal, and especially so when we, as designers, are called to visually represent someone else’s dream. It was great for me to hear and makes me want to execute that much better as we move forward with establishing the brand.

It’s also worth noting, that he trusts me, because my work has consistently beat his expectations. Both my colleague and his mother have been 110% satisfied with the work I’ve done thus far, and thus trust me to continue exceeding their expectations. While that may put a little more pressure on each piece I do for them, I think it’s the best kind of pressure you can ask for.

Burger Time
10/03/2009, 2:20 pm
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My mom made a point of showing me the above ad on the back cover of Lifestyle magazine. First off, I have to admit to those of you who don’t know that I’m a huge dachshund lover (I’ve got a 7.5 lb miniature longhair named Izzy who’s the best pup ever!). I’m biased, but I still think this is a really great ad. BK’s new campaign for their mini burgers is based on the concept that these little burgers are “cute” and I don’t think they could have found a cuter dog image than this one. (Well, maybe there might be one here.) I think the ads work because they’re playful (look at that cute little burger) and  unconventional (the dachshund is the focus and not the burger). Generally, I think Burger King does a lot of things right with their advertising/marketing/branding and this is another notch in the belt.


Also, I heard about this on the radio this morning. It’s reminiscent to me of the unbranded McDonald’s Quarter Pounder stores and I think it should prove highly interesting to see how they brand the new off-shoot.

Annuale Logo Design
09/03/2009, 2:59 pm
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Last night my roomate and I happened upon a Saturday Night Live “All Commercials” special. This led me to two items I wanted to write about here. Number 1: I have always thought as long as I’ve been a designer that working for a film or television studio creating logos, branding materials, etc for imaginary products would be totally awesome.

annualeNumber 2: In the same vein, the above commercial for “Annuale” features a really well-developed logo for the fictional product. Given the ridiculous nature of the product as described in the parody commercial, I think the logo design is absolutely appropriate. The twelve dot icon clearly speaks to the brand and the all lowercase san serif (looks like myriad) reads nicely as medical but comfortable and feminine. The color scheme really makes the “once a year” icon pop and I really like the way the icon was reinforced throughout the commercial abstractly (ie the woman with the all gray and one pink converse all stars).

The tagline I could probably take or leave as it leans more towards blunt than clever, but it’s funny that the voice over realizes it’s a pun as she’s saying it and ultimately works on the humor level that this is going for.

Comcast gets Drawn!
06/03/2009, 3:32 pm
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Where I live currently, I use verizon for internet service, but Pittsburgh is also a big Comcast market, hence I have been barraged with their new advertising campaign. The combination of live action, drawing/animation and the overall pacing and tone of the audio and animation makes for some really memorable clips. The “C-O-M-C-A-S-T” at the end is a little bit haunting in my opinion but overall I think the commercials are pretty rad.