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01/04/2009, 6:38 pm
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Let me begin by stating that I have been ridiculously ill lately and thus the lack of recent posts. Sickness now aside, it’s all brass tacks (or maybe Pantone 8962C tacks har har).

Jarel Remick has written a GREAT post today at the In the Woods blog. His article deals with how, when, and nicely, why to use the various image file types for web considerations. It’s relatively brief but covers a ton of good ground from technical aspects to some well-pointed examples. Check it out here.

This had a bit of special interest to me as I recalled writing a paper comparing .gif and .jpg for a design class as a sophmore in college. What I remember most clearly was that my paper was not very good and in my naievete I changed the font from the standard Times New Roman to Courier, which is every college high school kid’s way of saying, “I’ve written as much crap about this as I can and it’s still not long enough, so this is what you get.” Important to note that this probably doesn’t fly in most classrooms, but it especially shouldn’t fly when you’re teacher is a master of typography. I think I ended up getting a “B” on the paper because ultimately the class’ thrust was actual student design work and the point of the paper was to just make sure we could form sentences in addition to beginning mastery of bezier curves. Looking back, I must have looked like such a shmuck to the professor, but it’s good for a laugh now.


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