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Where rubber meets the road (Or oj misses the table)
03/04/2009, 4:02 pm
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Consider your brand for a moment.  Read this article. Now reconsider your brand in terms of collateral (PACKAGING, logo, letterhead, etc.). How much do you think you stand to lose (or Gain!) because of your brand and how it’s interpreted at the consumer level?

The Tropicana re-brand was  met with great resistance from the design community. So much resistance in fact, (from the design community as well as countless others apparently) that Tropicana decided to scrap the re-brand and go back to zero in just a few short weeks. Enough has been written why the new brand failed, but I think it’s worth noting the article from AdAge as to just what kind of impact your brand has on your business. It’s a rare opportunity when your brand can be spoken of in terms of the bottom line as the case is here.

Trust Me
17/03/2009, 2:19 pm
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“The foundation of brand is TRUST. Customers trust your brand when their experiences consistently meet or beat their expectations.”

~Marty Neumeier The Brand Gap

logoOver the course of the last couple months I’ve been working on creating a brand for a small catering and baking business. Thus far I’ve designed a logo and a business card with a menu in the works and a website further down the pipeline. The client is one of my colleague’s mothers. My colleague, a salesman in our company, has been really making the push for her to gear up her marketing efforts and branding, with the goal being taking her business to “the next level” from word of mouth recognition and success to further professionalism and bigger gigs.

A lot of my freelance work has been small (one-person owned and operated), predominantly women-owned businesses. This work is gratifying insomuch as I feel I am really able to help individuals ultimately pursue their dreams. (Making the jump from part-time to full-time in some cases or just broadening their clientele in this case.)

It’s also extremely gratifying to be able to work with a client who understands branding and marketing. I have been dealing about 60% with my colleague and 40% with his mother as we work towards a recognizable brand. With a background in sales, my colleague “gets’ what branding is all about and is helping move his mother’s business forward.

At any rate, yesterday, he and I were discussing moving forward with the menu. We’re at the stage where the design has been accepted and I need to make a few minor tweaks to the content and hash out the printing. As I discussed with him the changes I was going to be making he replied with, “That’s great. Go ahead, I trust you.” Trust from your customers is probably the strongest weapon in any company’s arsenal, and especially so when we, as designers, are called to visually represent someone else’s dream. It was great for me to hear and makes me want to execute that much better as we move forward with establishing the brand.

It’s also worth noting, that he trusts me, because my work has consistently beat his expectations. Both my colleague and his mother have been 110% satisfied with the work I’ve done thus far, and thus trust me to continue exceeding their expectations. While that may put a little more pressure on each piece I do for them, I think it’s the best kind of pressure you can ask for.