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Beautiful Germs source:

Luke Jerram, a UK-based installation artist and sculptor, was recently brought to my attention for for his glass sculptures replicating “famous” bacteria and viruses. THe set of these most recent works can be viewed here. Also worth taking some time to peruse is his website:


Inspiration from Outside Sources (or BRAIN CAKE!!!)


Reading I’mJustCreative, subscribing to Communication Arts and buying the Pushpin Graphic are all great ways to garner knowledge and gain inspiration when it comes to design. Beyond the obvious sources though are a myriad of inspiring items from a multitude of disciplines. I find myself always observing, whether it be architecture, photography or interpretive dance (the latter typically much less than the two former but I believe you can surmise where this is going.)

Having said that, I urge to head over to geekpadshow and check out 20 Pictures of Nerdy Cupcakes. as one with not only an appreciation for art in all its froms, but also a serious interest in delicious baked goods, I found this collection really inspiring. The clear marks of craftmanship and dynamic use of colored sugar grace these cakes in stylish and well-constructed packages.

25/02/2009, 7:33 pm
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"El Diablo" ~Von Glitschka

"El Diablo" ~Von Glitschka

Last week, The Design O’Blog posted a “10 questions with…” interview with illustrator/designer Von Glitschka. Read the article here and check out Von’s site for some really inspiring illustrations, logos, icons and more. The “and more” here encompassing downloadable .pdf designer “kick me” signs (ex. I ❤ comic sans).