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Emo Calorie Commits Horrific Suicide
09/04/2009, 12:59 pm
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While I don’t usually read things on expecting to find useful design info, a posting from a few weeks ago piqued my interest. The article, “9 Attempts at ‘Edgy’ That Failed (Hilariously),” features some woefully misguided marketing/ad campaigns. By far the best (worst) one featured was a Pepsi Max campaign intended for European release but quickly shelved thereafter. The thrust of the campaign was that Pepsi Max contains only one calorie, so (obviously) that calorie must be so lonely that it wants to off itself. Sound logic, no? Regardless of how off-base, misguided, poorly planned, insensitive, et. al that this campaign concept was, the illustrations are freaking awesome. Check it.

Some further reading on the campaign via AdAge:


Vacation to Beef Land
24/02/2009, 1:47 pm
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While perusing Golf Magazine (I can pretty much occupy myself with any magazine since I tend to only focus on the ads anyway)  this morning I stumbled across the “Land of Beef” ad campaign, launched in 2008 by the Beef Checkoff Program. The campaign features some delightful food beef photography and the overall concept straddles the edge of absolute ridiculousnes with it’s “Powerful Beefscapes.” All in all my take is that this is fabulous; the concept is way “outside of the box” but it works and it’s executed beautifully.