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“The Bus” gets it Right.

My most recent vacation was to Ocean City, Maryland. Wildly popular among visitors is the city’s public transit, often referred to as the “drunk bus,” but officially known as simply The Bus. The popularity of the bus derives from two factors;  1. It runs up and down the coastal highway for 145 blocks and can take you to the majority of OC’s attractions, and 2. It only costs two dollars for a pass that is valid all day (from 6am to 6am). Running all night along OC’s strips of bar after bar as well the numerous hotel corridors makes the drunk bus a perfect marriage of safety and (sometimes a bit too much) fun.

I, of course, immediately took notice of The Bus logo which appears on all of the bust stop signs as well as on the recyling bins located next to each bus stop (awful green eh?). I really like this logo, more so because of how it speaks than how it actually looks. The logo is fun, vibrant, a little bit quirky and based on my experience in the ocean town really captures the spirit of Ocean City. It’s playful and doesn’t take it self too seriously (After all, it’s the drunk bus). Are there elements of this logo that could be done better? Yes. the gradients on the tires don’t match the logo as a whole, the exhaust suffers from the same issue because of lack of shading and the bevel is probably wholly unnecessary. But, honestly, having ridden the subject matter and spent a week in the town, I find myself setting design-y nitpicking aside and quite honestly most of the people I saw on The Bus were in no shape to critique anything. I like this logo because it’s fun and that’s all it needs to be.