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Annuale Logo Design
09/03/2009, 2:59 pm
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Last night my roomate and I happened upon a Saturday Night Live “All Commercials” special. This led me to two items I wanted to write about here. Number 1: I have always thought as long as I’ve been a designer that working for a film or television studio creating logos, branding materials, etc for imaginary products would be totally awesome.

annualeNumber 2: In the same vein, the above commercial for “Annuale” features a really well-developed logo for the fictional product. Given the ridiculous nature of the product as described in the parody commercial, I think the logo design is absolutely appropriate. The twelve dot icon clearly speaks to the brand and the all lowercase san serif (looks like myriad) reads nicely as medical but comfortable and feminine. The color scheme really makes the “once a year” icon pop and I really like the way the icon was reinforced throughout the commercial abstractly (ie the woman with the all gray and one pink converse all stars).

The tagline I could probably take or leave as it leans more towards blunt than clever, but it’s funny that the voice over realizes it’s a pun as she’s saying it and ultimately works on the humor level that this is going for.


Clever Pam, very clever!
04/03/2009, 2:38 pm
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I saw this new ad for PAM cooking spray last night. I can take or leave the bratty kids demanding perfect cupcakes and the commercial as a whole, but the “Helps you pull it off” tagline is what really grabbed me. It’s a really clever tagline that I think speaks strongly to not only their product (the spray literally helps you pull things off of pans) but also to their brand (the product helps you, the target demographic consumer).

On a related note, Brandsinger recently posted the 10 best taglines of 2008. “Drive safely and leave the killing to us” is by far my favorite!