Schweitz Design

02/04/2009, 2:33 pm
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A week or so ago Marmalade Moon posted a contest asking readers to submit ideas for, “beautiful and exceptionally useful” icons. I submitted an idea and I’m one of the lucky winners who will eventually get the set for free!

My winning concept was to create a blanket, useful folder icon to represent “resources.” My line of thinking was that my workflow generally entails at some point in my day reading all my design blogs and usually in turn downloading any number of freebies I stumble across (vectors, brushes, fonts, textures, etc.). I figured these could all be dumped into a general designer’s resourcesw folder, thus making them accessible while eliminating desktop clutter. Additionally, I think that the idea of a “resources” folder translates well across numerous computer user types. Ultimately, I can’t wait to get my free set and see what a wonderful job they do!


House M.D. (Magnificent Design)

866House Industries is a type foundry and design studio based in Delaware that produces consistently tremendous quality work. Everything from their fonts to their book layouts, to their pieces of merchandise is just visually stunning. I highly, highly reccomend adding House Industries Show and Tell to your blogroll. They literally never dissapoint.