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organizer-previewA few months back Kate England at Marmalade Moon was looking for suggestions for a set of workflow organization icons. Folks who suggested concepts that she would later use for the icons won a free set. So, after having been informed shortly thereafter about having one of my suggestions chosen, I went about business as usual and honestly forgot about it.

Earlier this week my free set of icons arrived and they are quite sharp looking. I really like the style and detail Kate has put into these while still having them remain “iconic”. What I like even more is the concept behind the icons. Kate put out the call to see what types of icons people really need and find useful for organizational purposes. Thanks so much to Kate for the great looking icon set!


02/04/2009, 2:33 pm
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A week or so ago Marmalade Moon posted a contest asking readers to submit ideas for, “beautiful and exceptionally useful” icons. I submitted an idea and I’m one of the lucky winners who will eventually get the set for free!

My winning concept was to create a blanket, useful folder icon to represent “resources.” My line of thinking was that my workflow generally entails at some point in my day reading all my design blogs and usually in turn downloading any number of freebies I stumble across (vectors, brushes, fonts, textures, etc.). I figured these could all be dumped into a general designer’s resourcesw folder, thus making them accessible while eliminating desktop clutter. Additionally, I think that the idea of a “resources” folder translates well across numerous computer user types. Ultimately, I can’t wait to get my free set and see what a wonderful job they do!