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Tree Typography


Last week I was working on an invitation for non-profit organization Providence Connections. The event they are putting on is called “The Family Tree of Life.” I was given the direction that they wanted to play on the tree concept and wanted the invite to be very colorful. With that in mind I went ahead and did some illustration work including the above “Tree typography.” The folks at PC were really pleased with the final invite and i was more than happy to do some neat, colorful illustration.

A Day Late
02/06/2009, 2:43 pm
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So it may be the second, but here is your first chance at some June wallpaper I created. The font is completely original and I worked it quite a bit to get this patchwork/tilled field sort of look. Upon finishing it, it is a little reminiscent to me of the recent Airplot logo redesign. Let me know your thoughts or otherwise feel free to download away and green up your desktop.

Comic Brown


Typography that makes you chuckle
15/05/2009, 2:40 pm
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Last night while “shopping” at Brian Cooper Food Mart I saw the above sign and found it hilarious. For those not in the know, Brian Cooper is a shady convenience store in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood that inexplicably has a bar in it specializing in 40 ouncers and six packs. Everyone enjoy their Friday!

House M.D. (Magnificent Design)

866House Industries is a type foundry and design studio based in Delaware that produces consistently tremendous quality work. Everything from their fonts to their book layouts, to their pieces of merchandise is just visually stunning. I highly, highly reccomend adding House Industries Show and Tell to your blogroll. They literally never dissapoint.